Ayahuasca Experiences



16 december 2015 (Stefanie)

First of all thank you and Jup and Louis for this wonderful weekend, though the ahayuasca experience was quite confrontating for me but in the end it really helped me. Now I became much more calm in my head. It feels really good and sure we come back again. Also it helped a lot for the relationship between my husband and me. We got even more closer I think :).



1 december 2014 (Sarrah)

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity you have given Louis and myself.

I am noticing some amazing changes in the way I feel and how I interact with the world. I believe that there are still some new things that I have not yet noticed in my mind and in my body, but as time goes on I will discover those things too.

I feel free and at peace and that is thanks to all three of you.

I wish you all blessings and love.



7 July 2014 (Daniel)

I would just like to thank for a beautiful weekend in Wildervank!


The experience I had myself, but also with the other people, was so fantastic. I feel humbled and so grateful for what the spirits had in store for me last weekend - i am still trying to get my head around it 100% :) 



17 april 2014 (Andreas)

Thank you so much for the weekend, it was the most profound experience I've had. Like you said, the sensations are still going on and I've had pleasant flashbacks during the past few days. It's a lot to handle and I'm still digesting the visions so to speak. I find myself spending a lot of time now just looking at trees and the play between sunlight and shadow, and not thinking about fighting, sex, videogames, my earthly ambitions or the other things I used to devote a lot of time, thought and worry to.

You and Sophie were lovely guides, and your energy and your loving presence brought light and love into the room. I thank you so much for your help and your caring touch when I was close to the edge during the sessions.

This was a wonderful experience, and when I feel the call of ayahuasca again I will very likely come back to you.



15 april 2014 (Rebecca)

Words cannot do this justice, but I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for such an illuminating weekend. I am still experiencing surges of warmth in my heart and body, and feel at peace with myself.



9 january 2014 (Paul)

 I've suffered with severe back pain for 20 years due to a paragliding accident.  5- 6 times a year my back will go and ill be unable to walk.

I wont be able to get out of the bed to go to the toilet its so bad. This will last for about a week at a time.


In Holland in June during the 2nd drink my back started to get sore and i remember thinking "im not going to be able to walk after this".

Then I understood that my back was being fixed..An overwhelming sense of being fixed is the best way to describe it and it was being done by the medicine. After the ceremony I stood up no problem and from that day to this the problem is no longer there. ( 6 months ) 





2 january 2014 (Richard)

Thank you for your guidance, healing, poetry and music at the retreat earlier in the year. I feel like the retreat helped me solidify and feel confident, open, loving and compassionate about the many changes in my life this year. 2013 has been a huge year of transformation for me, and i thank you for your presence in helping me navigate my path through this time of my life and into the future.


24 October 2013 (Marko)

I feel great! Thank you so much for the experience and the warm welcome.
Alot of things have changed. I am much more in touch with myself and my surroundings. I am able to confront myself with unpleasent emotions and things and have the power the change again. I also feel happy and content with who I am and who I was. I can connect deeper with my familiy and people I love. At the same time I feel that my aya journey isn't over, there are still things I want to come in peace with. I am currently debating with my friend when we will visit you and joop again.




14 October 2013 (Andjela)

I want to thank you for my first, spriritual journey, my very first space taveling, and it was
amazing. For me that projections of myself, and light and endless power of love that I saw
and felt there is something that will for ever change this life where I am now.

That place of peace, of love, essence of my soul is precious, something that I can't forget.

Thank you so much! and see you soon!

Love you all, and love is something that we have to share!




22 juli 2013 (Eric)

Dear Nanda and Joop,

i just want to say thanx to jurema and u 2 beautyfull lovely couple!

It was such a nice trip for me, it explains me how live works and show me how beautifull live is and the beauty of my innerself! I was deep inside my consiounce, with a absolutly clear mind to see that only mind is playing games with my emotions! Of course there are still some traumatic experiences and they stay forever but the bad/sad feeling when i look on it, it absolutly changed in a positiv way to accept it and work with it!

I feel absolutly happy, with a open heart full of love to enjoy myself!

Tomorow i go back to ibiza and i feel that i have the best time that i ever spend there!

Thanx for eyes and heart opening, i think we see us again perhaps surrounded by people they not afraid to see how lightfull and beautifull live is!

A lot of love,light and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagic




28 mei 2013 (Benjamin)

It has been amazing after the workshop. I am amazed by the power of ayahuasca, and I am thankful, that I got the chance to participate in your workshop.

So what happened afterwards? Many things did.

As you may remember, I came for healing of an old mushroom induced trauma, from witch I had been suffering from since the age of 19.

During the ayahuasca ceremony, I confronted this experience with the ability to go through it - without being completely attacked by panic.

It was hard, but what a relief it finally made. The day after, I felt that something had changed in me. And this process has been alive ever since.

Apart from that, I feel that my overall wellness has increased in many ways:

My level of energy has heightened. I can now concentrate better. And my relationship with other people has improved - as if old emotional patterns that created conflicts are gone.

So thanks for your space, openness and care. You made an important change possible to me.



5 mei 2013 (Trixi)

Yes, this alive feeling stayed with me.. and also this feeling of being 'unplugged' and that memorys, emotions, thoughts I didn't see or didn't wanna see before keep coming up. Feels like my brain works much better since the ayahuasca :-)

I'm fine, not great but I started to see my life more clearly and to sort out many things practically.. I guess when I came for the ayahuasca I was hoping for some spiritual insight but the lesson I actually got was quite concrete and that in order understand more I first have to connect with the world and sort out my worldly matters..

I'm really happy I did the ayahuasca, it was quite a blast for me, not exactly easy but very helpful. Might come back to you guys in autumn, lets see..



26 juli 2012

Hi Joop and Nanda, i just wanted to say thank you so much for the ayahuasca weekend i attended, I had a really incredible experience with you guys. There has been an improvement with my anxiety and insomnia since the ceremony as well! Can't believe what a difference it has made to me.


Thank you so much!