Leela, The game of life


We live in a transformational era and are transitioning to a time marked by unity.

To get rid of the old we must heal the past and in order to embrace the new we need to discover our infinite spiritual potential.

As part of this great change, we can place the Leela game.

The game is a way to make us free from past karma and to be aware of the possibilities we have to create a brilliant future, both individually and collectively.

The Leela-game opens the doors of the lower and upper consciousness. It is a game that opens the hearts and we can return to the original state of love.

Working with the Leela cards usually happens with two people, a traveler and a guide. You can also work by yourself, but this often involves channeling and automatic writing.

The game has a fascinating, direct therapeutic effect to be used in the healing process of clients and can also be used by therapists.

During this workshop I give some demonstrations and we practice the game.

The Leela game is published by Akasha.