There are some products on the market, which contain information about the work of Joop van der Hagen:


CD with Ayahuasca Hymnes

The Ayahausca Hymnes arised during the ayahuasca ceremonies of the past years. The songs express his respect for the entheogene plants and his thanksgiving to the spiritual world.


The costs of the CD are E 15,-



The book "werken aan jezelf"

This book is about confronting the deeper layers of your subconscious. It covers the next subjects:

The birth process, dying, sexuality, immortality, soul loss, attaching forces, meaningfulness


Written in Dutch, soon available in English.



The Leela game

A book in combination with two sets of cards and a DVD. The book and the cards are about the game of life. You learn the game by playing it often and with the help of the book en by examples on the DVD.

Written in Dutch