Who are we?


Joop van der Hagen

Joop van der Hagen (1947) is a consciousness trainer, regression therapist, artist and author of different books and articles.

 My story starts somewhere at the end of the sixties. Half of the spiritual minded people of Holland joined the Baghwan, and the other half joined the TM of Maharishi. My spiritual journey also started with TM, after which I learnt many therapy forms. Therapeutic work began with the work of Elisabeth Kubler Ross, and after that NLP, hypnotherapy and regression/reincarnation therapy followed. In 1987 I began to teach Hypno- and regression therapy. In the beginning of my teaching career I met with the Santo Daime church, which uses Ayahuasca as a sacrament. Through my experience with the Santo Daime my therapeutic work became more spiritual and deeper than ever.

In the year 2000 I, as part owner, successfully launched the ‘Institute voor  Energiewerk’, wrote a book “Werken aan jezelf” and finally created the “Leela” therapeutic game cards. Both of which were marketed by Akasha.

Besides my teaching abilities as a regression therapist I also lead workshops using Ayahuasca and therapeutic work combined. Here is where I found a balance between Ayahuasca and therapeutic group work, which I a combination of ‘Energiewerk’ and regression therapy.

Ayahuasca has opened up many realities for me personally and I hope to share my experiences with other people.

In these Ayahuasca weekends I am accompanied by capable healers and musicians.


Nanda de Jong

I am an energetic therapist, foot reflexology therapist and Procesworker.

I coordinate the workshops with Ayahuasca and create a safe environment within which the rituals and deep process work can take place. With my empathic ability, which I use in therapy to bring people back to themselves in a loving manner, I supervise the Ayahuasca ceremonies. I use breath work and healing touch techniques to the participants to help them work through difficult blockages.

A loving presence is often the key to a deeper human experience and to the art of letting go.