Processwork and Ayahuasca



In many shamanistic traditions we see the use of entheogenic resources to realize inner shamanic journeys.

Entheogen means in contact with God. Entheogenic substances are special plants or preparations thereof that are used within rituals to gain access to higher states of being.

 The shamanic traditions from Europe and Asia used the mushrooms and other sacred plants as entheogens. In ancient Egypt cannabis was also used ritually.

In southern Africa, Iboga is used for this purpose, but nevertheless the most known entheogenic substances are from North and South America.

The entheogenic substance from the South American Amazon is Ayahuasca. It is a brew, usually cooked from two plants, with a strong vision and cleansing function. Another name is Yagé, and it is also known as Santo Daime.

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The workshop

By combining therapeutic processwork with the work of Ayahuasca we create a unique way to cleanse your body, mind and spirit of all the impurities, built up in the course of your life.

A weekend is started with an exercise to open up unconscious and blocked emotions as an introduction to the ritual that takes place in the evenings. We will make use of methods such as timelines, rebirthing techniques and soul retrieval supplemented with awareness exercises.

After doing group work and cleaning emotional baggage we will start the ceremony round six ‘o clock. The participants all lie or sit on a comfortable mattress and experience an inner journey which is the result of drinking Ayahuasca.

By combining the ritual with music, song and sometimes dance participants can travel to other dimensions and realities while still connecting part of their awareness in the here and now.

We will also incorporate visualizations and shamanic journey techniques to the lower world, upper world or middle world.

Every ritual ends round midnight. After the ritual we have a joint meal of fruit or soup and we go to bed for a rest. The next day we spend some time exchanging experiences and if necessary we do some more processwork to break through a blockage. We will do some more group work to clean another layer of emotional pent up energy. In the evening we will have a second ceremony. 


The variations in experiences are tremendous:

o       Being on contact with God, the Gods and angels

o       Visions of the earth’s existence and origination

o       Psychological lessons

o       Collective cosmic experiences

o       Knowing your purpose in life on earth

o       Realizing the meaning of life

o       Lessons about nature

o       Lessons about your totem animal and other guides

o       Physical healing and cleansing

o       Letting go of negative convictions


It is actually too much to list. The spiritual experience leaves a deep and meaningful impression.

An Ayahuasca workshop is suited for those who are interested in:

  • Shamanic travel
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Personal growth on a deep level
  • Meditation
  • Treatment of serious diseases
  • Preparation for the physical death

 Here are a few rules to follow when using Ayahuasca and attending rituals with us:

o     Wearing white clothing during the ritual

o     No use of alcohol just before or after a weekend (it does not mix well with Ayahuasca)

o     No use of any medication.

o     Do not eat anything after lunch on Friday or Saturday.

o     We strongly ask you to refrain from having orgasms a few days before and after the weekend.

 The workshops are intended for travels to inner dimensions and for those wanting to experience what lies beyond the ordinary realities.

 The weekends are guided by Joop van der Hagen and Nanda de Jong.

 For the upcoming weekend we refer you to our calendar.